Houseplant Megamix 4L – Premium Potting Medium for All Houseplants


4 Litres (once decompressed) – Enough for around 6 12cm pots

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Wave your plant problems away and suffer with root worry no more, with my super-premium House Plant Megamix!

This potting medium is enough to fill roughly 6 x 12cm pots and is suitable for almost all houseplants.

So what makes this stuff so ‘mega’? I’ll give you a quick rundown of its contents, and why it works so well:-

– The only premixed houseplant soil to contain Bat Guano, a miracle growth stimulant

– Sustainable peat + Vermiculite for structure and water retention

– Volcanic rock for enhanced nutrient uptake

– Sand to aid air and moisture mobility

– Perlite for root aeration, drainage and the prevention of root-rot

– 6 months of specially formulated, slow-release feed for healthier, more vigorous growth

You will not find a finer potting medium anywhere!


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